Color Me Mine To Go . . .

That's right we come to you!
Introducing Color Me Mine To Go.

Simply tell us when and where your party or event will be, and we'll deliver everything needed for your guests to paint their own ceramics. We'll take your finished pieces, have them glazed and fired, and you can pick them up at the studio when they are ready. So next time you need to think up a great party idea, don't worry...It'll come to you

Email to request more info or book your TO Go event today

Party at Your Place
ART is such a great add on activity for any occasion and we would love to take part! Simply pick a date and time! With the TO GO program you have 2 options; come in and pick up the pieces with full instructions provided, or have us come out to host your event. The latter includes delivery and set up at the event, live instructions and assistance, on location supplies, etc... Should you pick up and the event yourself, you simply pay for the price of the pieces selected.

Pottery Painting, Glass Fusion, Fun with Clay and/or Canvas Painting

For all the activities we walk you through it A to Z.

With Pottery, we have over 500 different items to choose from; plates, platters, vases, bathroom and pet dishes, mugs, figurines, banks, plaques, ornaments, etc... Should you choose a dish, once painted it's 100% food safe (microwave/dishwasher safe). All the paint is water based so no need for smocks.

With the Glass we have numerous bases to choose from that you will then be shown how to decorate using other bits of glass: strips, rods, pebbles, frit, cut glass, etc... Night lights, pendants, sun catchers, bowls, vases, coasters, ornaments, etc… can be made.

With Clay & Canvas we have various templates at various skill levels which walk you through how and what to paint using acrylics based on following simple instructions.

The price varies depending on type and size of project starting at $10/ea with most in the $30's.

Remember: As a gift to the celebrant we offer 20% off a commemorative piece to remember the event!

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putting the ART in pARTy
at your location or ours! Book your event today and inspire creativity in your friends & family!

Customize Mugs to keep or gift
What a great activity to do indoors or out, all you need is access to water & we provide the rest :)

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