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We can help plan any group event.
Color Me Mine has developed some exciting programs for your school, daycare, church, synagogue, singles organization, women's league, youth group, or camp.

Several programs will be available for large groups as a To-Go program. In other words, you don't have to go anywhere! We'll bring the fun to you. We'll set up, assist with design and painting, and clean up.

Have a special teacher gift painted by the students! You can arrange to have the children come into our studio, or you can take the items to the classroom. What a great idea to have the children's handprints all over a vase filled with flowers for a teachers' gift. Another idea is to put all the children's finger prints around a picture frame with a class picture in it. That is an impression of that class that will last forever.

We have so many ideas, please come in and talk to us about them.

Many schools have end of the year auctions to raise money for the school. How about having a class paint a large platter or bowl and have that auctioned off. Think of how much the parents from that class would be willing to pay for handprints of every child in the class. You can ask each child to donate a few dollars to cover the cost if you need to. We have so many different items to choose from you will have a different idea for every year of the auction.

We would love to work with any non-profit organization in the area. We will give discounts, but they vary on the number of people attending. Please email the studio today at so we can arrange your party details.

School & Educational Group Promotions!
# We have many fun creative ideas at great deals for educational
institutions allow participants to paint and learn at the same time. You could launch a "learn how to be green with Color Me Mine's GREEN program", teaching participants to toss the paper and go for the ceramic!

# Bowl,Plate or Mug:
Each participant paints a bowl or a salad plate. This project can be integrated into curriculum projects or into environmental awareness campaigns.

Holiday Projects

# Each participant paints your choice of:
# 2 Christmas Ornaments
# A Valentine's Heart small plate
# 2 Ceramic Easter Egg Painting
# A Motherís Day Heartprint bowl
# A Mother's Day "Mom" Mug
# A Fatherís Day "Dad" Mug

Tiles and Smiles:

# Each participant paints a 6' Tile. This project is great for fundraisers and tile wall projects.

# My Own Cup:
# Each participant paints a 10ozmug. This project can be integrated into curriculum projects or into environmental awareness campaigns.

# Staff Development Opportunities
# Bring your entire staff for painting and team building fun.

Staff Green Office Party:
Help your school or organization go green, paint a mug or travel mug and
ditch the paper cups.

See studio for details or email for a quote today

Auctions and "Fun"raisers!
Ask us about our tile walls and other "fun"raising ideas!

Let us host a field trip either in your school or one of our nearby Color Me Mine locations. Projects can be made to fit your school curriculum or something just for fun, or a special occasion. Please email:
to book your event today.

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