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Color Me Mine parties are for everyone!
We love to celebrate any occasion. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- Birthdays for all ages!
- Anniversaries
- Corporate Functions / Team Builders
- Bridal Showers
- Ladies Get Togethers
- Scout and Guide Groups
- School groups (field trips or we come 2 u)
- Baby Showers
- Mommy Groups
- Bar Mitzvahs
- Reunions
- Housewarming
- Kids Night Out
- Holiday Events
- "FUN"draisers
- To - Go Parties
- Wedding Plates

Let us help you create, celebrate and craft memories at your next event! Please choose the party package from the options below that best suits your party needs.

All our pARTy packages include:
- Free use of up to 1HR 45 of reserved party time in our VIP exclusive private party area (1st come 1st serve). This allows plenty of time for your guests create, celebrate, eat and open presents! (optional Add on extra party time)

- Party guests will provided with crafting instructions

- Online eVites

- Use of our 50" Plasma Screen TV to play your own DVDs (great for themed parties).

- 20% off a commemorative piece as a keepsake *price depends on piece selected, must be an additional piece, does not count towards minimum pieces.

- You may bring your own food/cake/cupcakes or add on food options. Use of our fridge, microwave, and freezer.

- Optional access to decorate your party room as you wish (using paint friendly tape) 10 mins prior to your event.

If you have any questions, please email us at otherwise, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED and click on the BOOK IT NOW links to reserve your time slot TODAY!

GOLD Birthday Party Package
$37.00 Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)

ALL IN ONE stop shop, you bring the kids we take care of the rest!

Your party of the YEAR furthermore includes:

- Free use of designated party paint colors.
- Party host that will assist with paint selection, serving and clean-up.
- Choice from the largest variety of Party Package ceramic pieces.
- Food Package (Kindly indicate choices in message section):
* 2 slices of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza per painter
* 1 large cupcake*(see policies on cupcakes)
* 1 juice box

Minimum 8 painters: Only $37 per painter!

SILVER Birthday Party Package
$29.00 Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)

Paint, brush and splatter fun

Guests will choose from a variety of ceramic banks, figurines, bowls, plates and mugs to paint where the sky is the limit for designs and creativity.

Let imaginations run wild and let's hi ho silver to your event!

Minimum 8 painters Only $29 per painter!

BRONZE Birthday Party Package
$23.00 Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)

Simple, safe and fun art, not fine art

Your party animals will choose to paint a figurine, mug, dessert plate or a small bank

Minimum 8 painters, Only $23 per painter!

Group Event pARTy
$ Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)

Looking for a Reason to get together and pARTy, Color Me Mine can give you 500. That's right with 500 different pottery pieces to choose to paint, CAUTION: may be addictive: you will want to come back and party all the time!

You create the art, and we clean up the mess! No experience required! It's about Fun art, not Fine Art!

You are welcome to bring in your own food and drinks, including for Adult events some wine* we like to call it: Dish, Wine and Design!

Your event furthermore includes:

- Free return visits for unfinished projects.
- Unlimited use of all our paint colors, stamps, stencils, samples and other creative materials.
- Party host that will assist with paint selection, painting ideas, techniques, serving and most important: clean-up.
- Each guest will be able to choose from the largest selection of pottery to paint. (Price will depend on what pieces are chosen)
- Underglazes, firing, bumpy paints, sponges, technique cards, brushes, etc..

Minimum 6 painters, rates vary per painter based on pottery choice.

Get your party started now

*A Liquor Licence may be purchase by you online or at any liquor store for ~$10 should you choose to drink during your Color Me Mine event.

Glass Party
$29 Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)
Perfect creARTive Celebration for Adults, Teens and 'Tweens!

Turn bits and strips of specialty glass into twinkling kiln-fired treasures! Nothing beats the sparkle of glass. We'll show your guests how to create sparkling glass artwork, glittering glass jewelry, funky ornaments and sun catchers, or eye-popping picture frames! This art form is positively UNIQUE and comes with guaranteed bragging rights! The results are dazzling, and the fun is addictive!

All artists must be age 7 or up (Sorry no exceptions due to safety issues) Younger siblings and/or guests may paint pottery if desired

Glass Party furthermore includes:

- Party host that will assist with designs, ideas, serving and clean-up.
- Choice of slump to shape your masterpiece

*Price of party will vary depending on Glass base size and type chosen, starts as low as $29/guest for a 6 inch clear base

PAINT and TAKE Weekday Figurine (M-Th) Paint pARTy
$17.50 Per Painter ($110.25 Booking Deposit Required)

This is unheard of! A $105 all in party?! Yes, host up to 6 painters in studio Monday to Thursday for only $105+tax, this furthermore includes:

- Selection of our acrylic paint colors
- A Super cute figurine piece to paint and take upon completion
- Rates will not be adjusted for less than 6 participants/pieces. Guest could be added on for $23/ea
-Smocks or paint clothes are not provided and are recommended for this event

Canvas Painting 11x14 (Medium) pARTy
$34.95 Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)

Discover your inner artist while having a good time with your friends.

Get ready to enjoy the relaxing experience of canvas painting.

Even if you have never held a paint brush before in your life, you will walk away with a piece of art you will be proud to hang in your home.

Celebrate, choose your design, and join one of our talented and fun instructors for a painting pARTy you won't forget!

We have many different designs to choose from. Please feel free to call or email and we can send you the choices we have available.

Min. 8 - Only $34.95+tax

Canvas Painting 16x20 (Large) pARTy
$44.95 Per Painter ($100.00 Booking Deposit Required)

A fun, fresh, exciting idea to get together and celebrate with your colleagues, friends or family over a soft music creatively relaxing and different time adding to your imaginative repertoire is what everyone's talking about!

Master new recipes and painting techniques together in a fun, casual atmosphere, then enjoy your masterpiece forever on your favourite wall with bragging rights.

Don a beret and flex your brush muscles while you are guided by our master instructors step by step.

Tickle both your taste and paint palettes as this is a BYOB Wine and Canvas Design time

Min. 8 painters - ONLY $44.95+Tax/ea

Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
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587-575-4386 Phone
Studio Hours:
Sunday 10 - 6 (open late by request)
Monday 10 - 9 (open late by request)
Tuesday 10 - 9 (open late by request)
Wednesday 10 - 9 (open late by request)
Thursday 10 - 9 (open late by request)
Friday 10 - 9 (open late by request)
Saturday 10 - 9 (open late by request)
Drop Ins always Welcome! May open early or stay late, simply request at May open earlier or later, email to request or call 587-575-4386
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