Adult Glass Fusion . . .

Glass Fusion - Super Relaxing, easy and Fun
Glass fusing is a new and fun activity that is unbelievably easy, yet yields beautiful results that look like it came right out of an art gallery. Our glass fusing center allows you to create functional pieces like bowls, plates, and candle holders. But you can also create gorgeous wearable art like pendants. With some simple instruction you can be on your way to making fused glass.

Turn bits and strips of specialty glass into twinkling kiln-fired treasures! Nothing beats the sparkle of glass. WeĆ­ll show you how to create sparkling glass artwork from sun catchers to vases to eye-popping picture frames or vases! This art form is positively UNIQUE. The results are dazzling, and the fun is addictive!

Here's how it works:

Select It
Select a Glass Base from the large available variety, bases vary in size, shape, color and price.

Design It
Create your own unique design by layering the glass pieces available (frit, rods, noodles, pebbles, etc..) Ideas are available on our facebook page or in studio.

Cut It
You can also cut shapes and pieces. This process is only available to ages 12+ and gloves and glasses must be worn and instructions will be provided in studio and must be followed. It's simple, just score it and break using our special tools. It's just like breaking frozen chocolate.

Glue It
Use a tiny amount of glue to affix your design to your glass base, using a toothpick.

Shape It
Talk to a staff member about our selection of possible shapes to slump your piece. Fusing and slumping is included in the cost of the base piece.

Describe It
Draw a picture on your claim sheet of the piece you created so we can match it as your piece for pick up.

Fire It
This is our step. We will fire your pieces and you will be notified by email when they are ready for pick up.

Drop ins welcome

Check out our monthly events for Adult Glass BYOB workshops too

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